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5 Best Ways to Calculate Customer Engagement Score for Business

customer engagement score

5 Best Ways to Calculate Customer Engagement Score for Business

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The customer engagement score is a solution that debriefs you to avoid the assumption from the customer engagement and customer churn in your company. High engagement and customer retention both are important things considering the company’s success. The customer engagement score can help you understand the engagement metric, customer satisfaction, and the overall customer experience in the SaaS business. 

💡Customer engagement scores can elevate the customer journey, bringing customer loyalty. The customer engagement strategy is one of the ways that will bring down the better user engagement metrics. You might be wondering about how to calculate your customer engagement score.

This blog is all about the customer’s engagement score, its formula, and how you can increase your customer engagement score for your business. This blog is important for your business to note down the overall customer satisfaction score for your customer success teams.

Let’s get into the blog further and understand the customer score in better ways! Let’s get you sorted!

Key Takeaway :

To calculate your customer engagement score, use the simple formula: Customer engagement score = [Event A *Value + Event B *Value…]. Then, focus on tracking the right customer engagement activities, categorize the events, calculate the scores, and take actionable insights to improve the score. This process will help you understand and enhance customer interactions, ultimately leading to a more successful business.

What is the Customer Engagement Score (CES)?

The customer engagement score is just the customer engagement metric that helps to define the ratio between the engaged customers in the business. In order to increase the customer engagement score, it is important that you carry the customer’s engagement in the right way. To be there where your customers are is one of the important factors that any visitor or customer won’t hesitate to contact and get in touch with you. Keeping a customer engaged is not a small task but it helps to bring more business. Considering the low engagement, if your own existing customers are not interested in dealing with you then who will? 

There are various ways you can track customer engagement but before that understand why measuring engagement is an important task in the business. 

👉🏻It brings an idea of where to increase the efforts in the business

👉🏻It lets you know where your business is lagging and it should drive you towards

👉🏻Know how customers need help with your business if you want customer lifetime deals. (Know their exact expectations) 

👉🏻Let you identify the customers that are soon going to switch from “trials” to being actual subscribers or customers. 

Track engagement events that will eventually help you to bring the actual idea of the overall customer behaviour, and you can directly focus on the points that help to increase customer satisfaction in the business. 

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How to calculate your customer engagement score?

We know everything about how to increase user engagement rate and what importance does customer engagement score holds in the business. Before all that, if you don’t know how to calculate the customer engagement score, then everything is of no use.

Let’s understand and find a way to calculate the engagement score by improving your customer interactions. 

Customer Engagement Score Formula

Customer engagement is calculated by a simple formula that anyone can keep a record of.

Customer engagement score= [Event A  *Value + Event B *Value….]

In this above-mentioned score, you will be provided with the key events that will be responsible for the engagement score but before you get any value for the events, there are main 5 mandatory steps that you need to follow and they are listed below.

1. Know the source of the customer engagement

The right source of engagement is an important thing. Engagement of customers in terms of how they calculate and take value from your product. It is important that how many times a customer interacts with your sales and customer success teams that helps in carrying the conversations or turning the trial prospects into paid subscriptions. 

It is not important that you track every possible activity but just those that help in improving your customer engagement score of the business. There are some criteria that can be followed to track the ways of engagement with your product:

  • Customers contacting customer support teams
  • Login activity into your product + Frequency of logging in
  • Recurring subscription and purchase
  • Social media interaction
  • Frequent usage of mobile apps
  • Website bounce rate and impressions

2. Focus on each customer event interaction

Each score is a single metric that you put the weightage in each event to measure customer engagement score. The event that gets the higher score, is more likely to have more engagement in activity in the business. When you get insights about customer engagement, it would be easier to see and calculate the customer engagement score in the business. Get an idea from the engagement points that you have put up in the events.

Make sure that the engagement or event that you put a score into is one of the important engagement activities and holds some value. For eg, it might not be important to know how many times a customer logs in, but it is important to track the recurring purchases in the business. 

3. Categorise the events according to the scores

Good customer engagement scores can be differentiated but what about lower scores? Score-based categorisation helps to calculate the score, that users with a low score and high engagement score the helps to focus accordingly. 

A low customer engagement score helps to focus more on working towards the area where a business needs to work particularly. It is important to build a community of loyal customers and how? Let us give you an idea about the categorisation of the customer engagement score.

📌 Positive Score (more likely to be 100/100)– Have the maximum engaged customer segments.

📌 Mediocre Score: (Falls under 70-89)- Have a customer loyalty and satisfaction base  

📌 Lower Medieval Score: (40-70)-Customers that are partially engaged with the company

📌 Low Score: (20-40)-Customers that are discontinued with the engagement or show unusual activity with the engagement.

📌 Negative Score: Does not convert into customers or has very low hopes of turning into customers. 

Ones you are done with the placement of the scoring with the engagement activities, you can further move ahead with calculating the scores. It will be much easier for you to understand the customer engagement index.

4. Score Calculations

Before score calculation, place the score in front of each event and evaluate where the business is lagging behind and how it needs to be solved. This will help in finding the right answers and working on the areas where your business needs to be worked on. Boost your customer engagement activity and understand the customer needs in order to increase customer retention is what you will come to know while placing the scores in each event. 

Being consistent in answering your customers or visitors takes a lot of effort but it becomes easier when managed with platforms like Desku which in turn helps to manage all the customer queries under one platform and one roof. Get to know the reason and activity behind the positive score and keep on doing that and also get to know what is going wrong while you have a negative scoring as well. 

5. Get into action with the insights

Ones you are ready with the scores and understanding of the aspect that what is working right and not right in the business, it is finally time to make an actionable insight on what needs to be worked on to improve customer engagement scores. By understanding deeply, it becomes easier for your business to make it understand what is working right and what went wrong. This is only possible when you have a strong customer interaction process may it be in the form of customer feedback.

What makes this process easier? The AI analysis of knowing your customers better with Desku makes it much easier to understand them and how. Desku has AI-powered sentiment detection that will help you to understand the tone of the customers they are interacting with the teams, so without being clueless about how customer is feeling, directly know their intention, and provide exactly what they expect from you. 

Trust me this will work like a charm! In a way, it fills the gaps between you and your customers communication gap. 

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6 Ways to Increase Your Customer Engagement Score

What is the ultimate goal to have a good customer engagement score? It is the betterment and success of the business. It is highly important to improve your customer engagement scores in order to indicate the engagement to understand customers. 

By now, you know how to calculate customer engagement scores and get weighted scores. Product engagement score is important and we all know it. You might have tried everything, may it be customer satisfaction surveys or consistent customer interaction. But still, the engagement score isn’t what you have been expecting. Do you think you are missing out on anything? 

In case you are, we have listed out a few ways to increase the customer engagement score that will directly indicate engagement and improve customer retention in the business. 

Some examples are:

1. Personalisation

Personalisation has been always a key to success and to increasing customer retention as your customers feel a home with your product and brand. Get personal, it is allowed when it comes to marketing and powerful engagement.

2. Play with your customers

Add some tanginess to the customer engagement process, trust me customers love it! They are a child at heart and always expect some valuable fun side. 

3. Onboarding and Walkthrough

Many customers will come clueless, the best product experience is when you have a strong well-guided onboarding process. Whenever customers log in or come for the first time, they should not stay clueless, they should feel they already know your platform. 

4. Support and powerful support

Why support? Because it is marked that the powerful interaction with your customers in the company leads to almost 50% higher profits

Get into their problem deeply, and understand how and what exact problems they are facing. Get started to use customer success platforms like Desku to help resolve queries faster and get back to your customers with the exact solutions. Your customers are impressed by your “support efforts” already and you already won the game. 

5. Let customers get in touch

Do not make it difficult for customers to get in touch with you. Make easier ways that help in having direct interaction with your support team. For example, the live chat of Desku helps in having real-time conversations with your customers and can have direct solutions to their common queries. 

6. Get an extra mile, you won’t waste any fuel

Getting the extra mile for your customers won’t waste your fuel but extra fuel. Ironical for sure, but extra efforts for customers are always worth it. They will surely remember that and talk about it too! Show them you care for them and deeply want to solve their problems faster. Make sure to provide the best customer experience that will help to elevate the business, and bring trustworthy customers, ultimately generating endless revenue.

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Conclusion: Measure Customer Engagement Score Swiftly 

A good customer engagement score leads to a successful business just like a good coffee makes you sane. Calculate the accurate customer engagement score by the given methods and get a different perspective of seeing your business. Do not take them lightly, that is the score that helps you in breaking and making your business. For better engagement and interaction practise, take the help of customer success platforms like Desku which will sort almost everything, from customer query management to resolving them. 

Get to know your business better today and see the success tomorrow!

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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