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How to choose the Best Shopify Live Chat App in 2024

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Discover the best Shopify Live Chat App for 2020 and choose with ease.

How to choose the Best Shopify Live Chat App in 2024

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You’ll find a lot of live chat support apps in the Shopify app store, but picking one isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you’ve already planned to go with any free live chat app, we’d advise you to shed some money and go with something more feature-rich and supportive. After all, satisfying a Shopify customer without offering adequate service on time will do nothing but degrade your store’s reputation.

You can easily bewilder yourself by browsing the list of eCommerce live chat apps. Worry not, we’re here to guide you through the whole process of selecting the most suitable live chat app for your Shopify store, considerations, tips, and a lot more.

Read till the end to save yourself from wasting money!

Importance of Live Chat for Shopify Stores

For Shopify stores, embedding robust live chat functionality has become a necessity. This is because live chatting becomes your customers’ guiding friend the moment they step into your store. From navigation to completing the buying process, it will assist them in every possible way.

Let’s consider a scenario where your customer lands on your eCommerce store. He is interested in buying one product but is confused about your store’s buying process. He would be mumbling his head in confusion, wondering what to do.

You may lose a potential buyer. However, such a situation could be eliminated if you have software like Desku with an integrated live chat feature on your website. It would become your customer’s navigation guide, ready to help at any moment. Also, you get some decent insights.

Moreover, live chat allows you to connect with your customers by interacting with them in real-time. This enhances the customer experience and adds a personalization touch, thus increasing the customer engagement rate.

Live chat functionality has numerous benefits, of which boosting customer satisfaction is the major. With its 24/7 real-time support, your customers feel assured that you have their back always, no matter what. Besides this, it also helps you build long-term relations with your customers by creating a trustworthy image.

For businesses, live chat can be thought of as a way to increase their conversion rates. Through live interactions, you can guide your customers in every possible way, eventually leading them to buy the product. So, live chat can be considered to make your customers confident in your brand.

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Live chat is not just a means of communication. Instead, it becomes your source of customer analysis. By taking feedback through Live Chat, you will get to know where you are falling back and bring improvement wherever you find necessary.

Through live chat, you can make your business stand out from others by providing continuous support to your customers in every single step. This would, in turn, build a good rapport with your company. Now, you will get to know what magical wonders live chat can bring to your Shopify store.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shopify Live Chat App

Key factors to consider when choosing a shopify live chat app
How to choose the best shopify live chat app in 2024 -

The more perfect the Shopify live chat app is, the more chances your workflow will maintain a smooth consistency. However, selecting the perfect live chat app is not easy. You need to consider various factors while choosing. We will enlighten some of the major key factors:

  1. Ease of Use: You should always opt for an application that involves easy installation. This would save you from wasting too much time trying to understand the setup.
  2. Integration with Shopify: To maintain a smooth user experience, you need to ensure your chosen live chat app is easily integrated with your application. For example, you can go with Desku, which ensures a smooth integration and offers the best customer support live chat solutions.
  3. Customization Options: Every e-commerce business will have its own brand voice. That’s why it becomes important that the live chat app you choose is customizable so that you can style it as per your wish to match your brand’s persona.
  4. Mobile Responsiveness: It’s obvious that most of your shoppers will shop from their smartphones. That’s why, before opting for any live chat app, you need to see if it is responsive on different mobile and tablet screens. This would enhance the overall user experience of your application.
  5. Feature Set: You are going to embed live chat functionality for the customer support process. So, it must have some basic features like file sharing, visitor tracking, and automated response generation. this highly helps in reducing product return rates.
  6. Performance and Speed: There is no meaning in having an application with low speed and performance; the same goes for live chat. You should always choose live chat, providing high performance to enable a smooth customer experience.
  7. Multichannel Support: All customers are different, so they will choose different communication channels like Facebook and WhatsApp. For this reason, in order to have a consistent process, your chosen live chat should have multichannel support.
  8. Reporting and Analytics: Analytics tools become utterly useful for gaining valuable insights about your customer support process. That’s why you should opt for live chat with an in-built data analytics tool.
  9. Scalability: Of course, your business is going to remain the same for all time. It is going to scale, so you should include a live chat app with a highly scalable nature to meet your future business needs.
  10. Security and Compliance: Your live chat app will store your customer data, which is crucial for both you and your customers. That’s why you must ensure that your live chat application follows high-security protocols.
  11. Cost and Pricing Model: Different live chatting apps follow different pricing models. Some might have pricing based on its usage, while some might offer subscription plans. You should choose the one that perfectly fits your business needs and budget.
  12. Customer Support and Training: Every live chat app will have different functionalities. That’s why opting for a live chat app with strong customer support becomes vital to have its core understanding?

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Top Features to Look for in the Best Shopify Live Chat App

Top features to look for in a shopify live chat app
How to choose the best shopify live chat app in 2024 -

Undoubtedly, all the live chat apps will have different features. However, some apps have features that would not be useful for your business. That’s why here we have enlisted some basic features of a live chat app that you should check while choosing your live chat application.

  1. Real-Time Chatting: Real-time communications are vital for leading a smooth customer engagement process. That’s why you should always lay emphasis on live chat apps that allow you to chat with your customers in real-time.
  2. Customizable Chat Widget: A chat application with high customization features would allow you to design it as per your brand’s voice. So, you should always opt for such a customizable app.
  3. Automated Responses: You should always look for chatting apps that would be precise in conducting automated responses. This would allow your customers to have answers to their queries at any time.
  4. Visitor Tracking: It helps you track your user behavior on your Shopify website and helps you to assist them in every process.
  5. File Sharing Capability: This feature allows your customers to share different documents and media files with you to illustrate their queries in a proper way. This, in turn, also becomes beneficial to you as it helps you get a better understanding of your customer issue.
  6. Mobile Accessibility: Today, most of your customers are going to be mobile users. That’s why it becomes vital for your live chat app to be responsive to the mobile screens. 
  7. Multichannel Integration: It allows you to connect to numerous communication channels like Facebook and WhatsApp to communicate seamlessly with your customers. For example, you can opt for Desku. It supports unified multichannel customer support.
  8. Canned Responses: It allows you to design canned responses for handling common queries. This would allow you to concentrate on more important queries effectively. 
  9. Analytics and Reporting: It allows you to have valuable insights about your customer support process, which is utterly helpful in decision-making.
  10. Chat Routing and Queuing: This efficiently routes the query tickets to your customer agents. This allows the customers to get their issues resolved instantly.
  11. Chat Transcripts: It efficiently stores the entire chat history at a single location, allowing customers and support agents to access them anytime.
  12. Security Measures: Your chosen live chat app should follow strong security measures to maintain your customers’ privacy.
  13. Language Support: You can expect queries in different languages when you have customers from different regions. That’s why your live chat app should be equipped with multilingual functionality for flawless communication.
  14. Integration with CRM Systems: It is necessary to have a unified view of all your customer interactions at a single location. For this, CRM systems become very helpful. So, you need to ensure that your chosen live chat app is able to integrate with numerous CRMs perfectly.
  15. Customizable Chat Forms: Chat forms allow you to gather information from your customers, which you might need to understand their issues. So, your live chat app should be able to provide you with various chat forms that are highly customizable.

User Reviews and Ratings

User reviews and ratings
How to choose the best shopify live chat app in 2024 -

If the app you’re looking at as the best live chat app doesn’t have good reviews, then you really need to reverse your decision. Check out user reviews and ratings before deciding on a Shopify live chat app. For example, review the experiences of other merchants on a platform like Shopify’s app store or independent review sites.

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Some of the most common positive reviews include ease of use, useful features, and supportive customer care. Conversely, negative feedback may bemoan glitches, slow response times or missing functionalities. Identify common strengths or weaknesses by looking at the recurring themes in reviews. 

However, remember that no app is ideal; thus, consider the general sentiment and relate this with your priorities or highlighted aspects. Based on user reviews and ratings, they provide a real-world perspective pointing you to a live chat solution that best meets your Shopify store’s particular demands.

Integration and Compatibility

The most important thing to consider when selecting a Shopify live chat app is its integration capabilities and compatibility with the theme. Ensure the app you choose facilitates smooth integration with your Shopify store, ensuring seamless interaction between the live chat feature and your website.

Find apps that integrate well with the tools and systems you already use, like CRM platforms or email marketing. Consistency also plays a key role, and it should be achieved in terms of compatibility with different devices and browsers. To avoid the possibility of conflicts, ensure that the app is in line with Shopify’s latest updates. 

With this, you can implement a solution that will improve customer support and seamlessly fit into your e-commerce environment by prioritizing integration and compatibility. This results in a moving experience for you and your customers.

Customer Support and Training

Customer support and training
How to choose the best shopify live chat app in 2024 -

When choosing a live chat app for Shopify, one has to pay attention to its exceptional customer support and robust training options. I prefer apps that provide responsive customer support, such as live chats, email, or AI-powered chatbots to get things fixed more quickly. We recommend using Desku if you want to ensure robust chat support solutions for your Shopify store.

Find detailed documentation, tutorials or a self-help knowledge base. In some cases, apps can offer onboarding help or “how-to” training for easy integration. Appraise the reviews and testimonials on elf customer support reputation.

Tech support focused on customer success improves the overall experience with less time lost and maximum use of live chat. Choose an app that not only satisfies your technical needs but also provides dependable help to enable you to satisfy your clients.

Security and Compliance of the Shopify App

When selecting a Shopify live chat app, security and compliance are non-negotiable. Give preference to apps that observe industry-standard security protocols that guarantee the safety of private customer data. 

Ensure that the app meets all data protection regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, to earn customer trust. Seek those with end-to-end encryption and secure data storage tactics. 

Evaluate how well the application provider supports timely security updates and patches. Understanding the security measures that are employed protects your business from possible data thefts and shows your dedication to customer confidentiality. 

Selecting a live chat app that is secure and compliant with regulations ensures you safeguard your customers while minimizing threats related to confidential information processing in the online retail sphere.

Conclusion: Making the Right Decision for Your Shopify Store in 2023 and 2024

The right choice of Shopify Live Chat App in 2024 should combine an easily understood interface, rich functionality and easy integration. Focus on apps designed to offer effective customer engagement and support tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Find a platform that supports live analytics and allows for customization and scaling up. In order to make an informed purchasing decision, respectable feedback from users and comprehensive reviews are quite useful.

Opt for a Shopify Live Chat App that promotes customer engagements and perfectly blends with your store to define an eclectic goal.

Quick answer for what to get? – It’s none other than Desku, as it meets everything written up there!

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