Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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7 Help Desk Problems Solved: Easy Solutions to Implement

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7 Help Desk Problems Solved: Easy Solutions to Implement

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What are the modern times common help desk problems and solutions found? Well, let’s explore together!

It is always understood that rare technical problems are not in anyone’s hands but the constant issues are considered to be turned off for customers to tackle. Daily, we might come across multiple common IT help desk problems but we cannot sit and it surely needs to be troubleshooted immediately. If you are running a small business or having a large business, it is always important not to make any fluff especially while customers are approaching you. To all the complicated but common help desk problems, there is always a solution that you can implement. 

Surely there are several ways to solve that but we are here to make you ready before that by stating the 8 common problems that are with the solutions given by us so that you are ready for your unexpected problematic situations. 

Do not worry we have got your back, let’s get into it!

Key Takeaway :

The modern times present common help desk problems, but there are always solutions to implement. From increased waiting times to lack of trained staff, using the right help desk platform like Desku can assist in providing the best solutions to these issues, ensuring a seamless customer support experience.

7 Listed Common Help Desk Problems and Solutions

The help desk is a platform that is a must and very important in any sort of business that helps in managing common customer queries where the customer support team can easily resolve queries incoming from multiple sources of platforms to provide solutions. There are several types of common IT problems, considered help desk team (internal) as well as from customer’s side (external).

We have divided both of the problems individually, internal and external. Let’s understand each problem with the relevant solutions that help desk services can provide. From one support issue to another the most common solutions are provided further mentioned. The help desk may be able to solve most of the problems but it might surely have these common problems listed below. 

♦︎ Problem: 1 Increased waiting times [Customers wait a lot for their solution]

Customers wait for a lot of time for their issues and to find the simple solutions customer support must be aligned in the most incredible ways with the accurate knowledge base to solve the external common IT support issues. 

Solution: 1

According to a study, almost52% of customers expect quick resolutions, and all the problems occur when there is a delay in providing solutions to customers.

One of the most common help desk issues that are faced by customers is waiting times. Customers are always waiting for the solution of their queries. The best help desk platform like Desku can assist customers in the right ways with its features like live chat for real-time conversation, unified inbox to solve customer queries from multiple channels, an accurate and informative knowledge base that helps customers to help themselves, no-code chatbot builder to automate the customer conversation and some best e-commerce platforms integration like Shopify and WooCommerce.

The help centre should be with one or the other alternative solution from where customers can take reference from the help desk straight away. The right help desk can assist in the best ways with customer queries and hence it can be considered to be one of the best solutions to the delayed replies to your customers. 

If you understand the numbers, you are winning the right customer engagement game as we have come across that almost 22% of customers feel that their waiting times are very much longer. Now from this, you can conquer the rest 22% by not letting them wait. 

♦︎ Problem: 2 Login and Signup Problems

Hello, can you check please as I am unable to log into my account. The most common issues that are registered. Enough sources should be given such as the option for resetting passwords, if the problem is about resetting or forgetting a password, then it is simple that customers or users will ask for the password reset link. There can be various issues and problems that need to be addressed or avoided before it strikes your business. 

Solution: 2

This is one of the most common problems that occur in any sort of business. Prepare a common checklist to send to your customers when they come with this problem such as; 

📌 Ask the user to check if they are adding their credentials right or not

📌 If the password has expired or needs to be updated, send a password reset link instantly 

📌 Tell your customers reasons why they were not able to log in

These are some of the solutions that always ask customers when they come up with common login problems. If this is not the case, then go for further checking what is the problem.

♦︎ Problem: 3 Lack of trained staff to execute the support service 

It is very disappointing to know that the staff is not trained properly to answer or solve questions of the customer’s questions. First, you must have the right help desk that will help support agents to use it and train it properly. 

Solution: 3

There 55% of the customers expect the company they are dealing with to know more about them and make them feel at homely. 

When it comes to training customer support agents, the right help desk software must make support agents’ work much easier to solve support problems. A well-trained staff is considered when possible solutions are provided to customers. Help desk staff must be at least trained well to answer politely and accurately. Using different types of training programs and also the right help desk will help to elevate the customer support game.

The unified inbox of customer support will help track issues and help support agents provide solutions quickly. After a certain time, it becomes necessary to hire the right set of support agents that will help in giving the right kind of support that customers deserve.

♦︎ Problem: 4 No Self-Service option for customers

Customers want to help themselves before contacting the customer support agents as they believe that it will take much time to ask and then solve queries. When there is no self-service option available they often tend not to report queries through emails or from any other resources. 

Solution: 4

It is calculated and observed that almost 80% of the customers or visitors want to help themselves and at least want to try to solve problems by themselves. There are chances that you might lose customers if they do not find the right ways of self-service options. 

There are various ways through which you can let your customers help themselves but it becomes crucial important that how you serve it. The accurate and informative knowledge base articles help customers to take reference and help themselves with any common and repeated queries. Knowledge-based articles will help to resolve 70% of the problems of customers and hence it will become much easier to solve as many issues that are registered by customers. 

♦︎ Problem: 5 No Omnichannel support option

Customers tend to contact your business from any channel and if it is not taken immediately, there is almost a 75% chance that they will go away. Why take so much risk when you can resolve this? It is important to remember that customers can come from any communication channel and it is important to stay available for them. Stay where your customers are. 

Solution: 5

40% of customers prefer that the brand that they are working with has the omnichannel support option

It might be a little overwhelming to always stay available on multiple communication channels at the same time but we have got your back for the same. In this situation, the help desk plays an important role that helps to integrate social inboxes and other apps that you use daily. Managing the support queries from one platform becomes much easier and much more approachable for support agents to get back to their customers in no time. Due to the inactivity of customer support agents on other platforms, you might lose a customer and it is not the case that we want with our business. 

♦︎ Problem: 6 Internet connection issues

You might be wondering if the case of the internet is not in our hands then how can we be prepared for the same? You might see the blue screen of death while no or disrupted internet connection. There are various ways through which this situation can be handled without pissing customers off. 

Solution: 6

Having internet connectivity issues can be one of the very common and unexpected problems that might occur anywhere to anyone. It’s surely not in our hands but what are the alternative solutions meanwhile? We humans are well known for conducting experiments and we always try to troubleshoot problems to make something work.

Firstly, it is important that we check the internet connectivity and also file a complaint against the slow internet connection. Meanwhile, you can check whether the device wires are plugged properly and you can also restart the modem of the wifi ones. At last, if nothing works out, it should be complained to the respective internet company. 

Alternate solutions to look for; 

📌 Prevent the connections during the power cut

📌 Generate multiple and alternate ways to run the internet by creating more hotspots

📌 Avoid downloading the heavy files in the company to not distract the actual work

♦︎ Problem: 7 Customers cannot find ways to get in touch with a support agent

When any visitor visits the website of any brand and might have some queries but is unable to find the contact link or ways to get in touch with the support team then it is considered to be not so trustworthy business and hence there are chances that customer might leave the website and move away. It is important to put up a reliable source to connect and communicate with customers. 

Solution: 7

Almost 54% of customers leave your brand if the customers are unable to find ways to connect to the support agents, then they will no longer be able to stay ultimately losing customers from business. Now what can be the possible solution?

Ways should be a step solution where customers do not have to go through multiple steps to just get in touch with you. Solutions and features like Live Chat will help in connecting proactively with customers and solve some common queries of customers with the right engagement timings. 

What are the ways through which Live Chat can help?

📌 Proactive customer engagement

📌 Real-time conversations with customers 

📌 Solving common and repeated problems of customers 

📌 Decrease in help desk ticket requests 

📌 Easy assigning of help desk agent for providing precise solutions

📌 Tackling the help desk challenges instantly

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Businesses need help desk software: Desku at the rescue

Common help desk problems and solutions
7 help desk problems solved: easy solutions to implement -

Help desk platforms are considered to be one of the most reliable platforms that help in solving customer queries in the unified inbox. There are various reasons through which your common helpdesk problems can be solved but before that discovering the most common problem amongst employees and customers is the first step that needs to be taken into consideration.

The best help desk support like Desku brings revolutionary change in the business and the way the business has been interacting with the customers. Of course, the range of issues might vary but there is absolutely nothing that cannot be solved. 

Let’s understand how the help desk can step ahead and solve common IT help desk issues. 

Get all the support conversations under one platform

Another common and one of the help desk’s best features is Unified Shared Inbox, where all the queries that are generated by customers are listed under one inbox. May it be from any other communication platform? Considering the internal help desk teamwork, the shared inbox is considered to be the priority in any help desk.

Shared inbox collects all sorts of tickets such as replacing any hardware or other products or users facing any technical difficulty in accessing the software further, every query will be resolved under one platform and hence it will help to solve gradually but by never missing out on any customers.

What do you get in mind when I call it the “best-shared inbox”?

📌 Easy assigning of tickets to the support team member

📌 Managing the tickets according to their status such as open, closed, pending, etc 

📌 Help users to provide the proactive solutions 

📌 Check to see the updated query status through follow-up messages

Reliable self-service option for customers

As stated earlier, reliable self-service is an important source to always present as a business because most of the customers are seeking help themselves before contacting support agents. The well-drafted knowledge base will help to conquer the self-service game and hence it will help solve the most common problems. You can put any reliable source for your customers such as guides, how-to articles, informative articles, rich media, and whatnot. 

With Desku’s knowledge base articles, you can have a clean and resourceful editor where you can draft the problem articles and guides for your customers. 

Automation and AI-equipped interface 

Automation is truly the boon of this era, where almost 70% of the workload has been decreased and considered to keep up the consistency in providing the right support to your customers and reflecting the best teamwork. AI chatbot helps in solving many common and repeated queries automatically where a human support agent does not have to be present all the time. They can easily focus on their other important work. Desku is enriched with similar unique AI functions to ease down the load of common help desk tickets. 

⭐️ Sentiment Analysis:

Know how your customers feel about the query that they have reported and provide the solution accordingly. The accurate solution provided to customers will help in gaining the trust and ultimately it will be considered under the remarkable customer experience. 

⭐️ Suggesting Answers:

There are times when customer support agents are clueless about how and what to give answers to their customers and react to their queries. Suggesting answers will help in providing the answers that your customers expect and what solutions are to be given for that particular query. 

⭐️ Ticket Summary:

Ticket summary is one of the most useful AI features where the help desk can help to generate the overall summary of the ticket for having the reference and understanding the whole customer problem in just a few points. It helps in taking the overview of the customer conversation and it is most beneficial when it is assigned to any new support agent,  

Understand customers by measuring the satisfaction of customer experience

A service desk like Desku will help to measure and know how your customers feel about your services or your brand. To run a successful business, it is important to know your customers better and it can be known only by letting them express how they feel about your brand/business.

Desku provides the option to share the pre-built and customised surveys with the users that will ultimately tell about what they like and what they exactly expect from your brand. 

In the end, there will be insightful reports generated, you can build up a cheerful impact on the support team. CSAT helps a lot and it is one of the open spaces for customers where they can express their points of view. Working according to your customers leads to a successful business. 

Conclusion: Solve common help desk problems with their best solutions

Help desk problems can occur all the time and it is quite common too but always being ready for the situation is what should be prepared. It requires to use of the right help desk customer support platform like Desku. As we have gone through all the help desk problems and solutions, it might be now clear how important is to have hands on the right customer support platform. Don’t panic while problems occur, I am just here to say that every problem has a solution and we just need to find it at the right time. This tells the need to invest in the right customer support platform for the business. 

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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