10 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Your Business in 2024

Updated : Nov 29, 2023
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10 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Your Business in 2024

Customer Support Software That covers all Your Business needs

  • Live Chat
  • Ai Chatbot
  • Automations
  • Knowledge Base
  • Shared Inbox
  • Marketing
  • Surveys & Forms
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If you are looking for help desk customer support, it is obvious that you might have come across “Zendesk”

It is overall a great product with various functionality and features available for each business size. Zendesk is one of the profound and solid products that serve various business industries, but that is not always the case for customers.

Talking about the complex structure, Zendesk is way more complicated than other Zendesk competitors in the market. The pricing starts at $55/per month which might not be affordable and suitable for small businesses.

We have got a solution for you by listing the best 10 Zendesk alternatives that might be suitable for your business.

Let’s understand each in this blog.

10 Zendesk Alternatives To Look Forward in The Business


  • Desku
  • Gorgias
  • Jetdocs
  • Zoho Desk
  • Freshdesk
  • Help Scout
  • Intercom
  • Hubspot Service Hub
  • Reamaze
  • Gladly


Zendesk alternative

Desku is an all-in-one AI-Powered Customer Support Platform that streamlines customer queries. From streamlining customer queries to team collaboration, Desku does it all.

The robust features help small to medium-scale businesses maintain customer support in the most efficient ways. AI-powered helps to automate the process like strong engagement with customers so that you do not miss out on any customers.

Let’s understand the Key Features of Desku;

✔️AI-Powered Customer Support

✔️ Shared Inbox and Ticketing System

✔️ Unified Social Inbox

✔️ Self-Service Knowledge Base

✔️ Real-Time Live Chat

✔️ Macros/Rules

✔️ SLA Management

✔️ Mobile Application availability

✔️ API Access

👉🏻 Suitable for Any Small-Medium Scale Business

Pricing Plan 

Zendesk alternative

Pricing Plan
Free Trial 7 Days
Startup Plan $29/month
Team Plan $59/month
Business Plan $89/month

Ratings of Desku (G2 Platform): 4.7/5 ⭐️

Zendesk alternative


Gorgias help desk solution

Gorgias is one of the best Zendesk Alternatives considering its features and functionality. The main focus that Gorgias serves is on Ecommerce Business as it tailors Customer Inquiries.

Gorgias is one of the Zendesk Alternatives that consists of a trial period and specific features focusing on Ecommerce Business.

Let’s understand the Gorigas Key Features;

✔️ Ecommerce Integration

✔️ AI-Automation

✔️ Live Chat

✔️ Self Service

✔️ Social Media Integration

✔️ Multi-Channel Support

✔️ Ticket Management

✔️ Reporting and Analytics

✔️ SLA Management

✔️ Macros for Frequent Responses

👉🏻 Suitable for Medium and Enterprise Business

Component 9 tick icon
Powerful Ecommerce Integration like Shopify
Component 9 tick icon
Powerful AI and Automation
Component 9 tick icon
Easy Integration and third-party connection
Component 9 tick icon
Auto Expanding help desk tool
Component 9 tick icon
High prices for small and medium scale business
Component 9 tick icon
Limitation in tickets according to prices
Component 9 tick icon
Focused more on Ecommerce Stores

Pricing Plan

Screely 1691647741328

Pricing Plan 
Free Trial 14 Days
Starter Plan $10/month (50 Tickets/month)
Basic Plan $60/month (300 Tickets/month)
Pro Plan $360/month (2000 Tickets/month)
Advanced Plan $900/month (5000 Tickets/month)

Ratings of Gorgias (G2 Platform): 4.6/5⭐️

Screely 1691648202405



Jetdocs is suitable for external as well as internal communication systems where business can be easily managed and customer support operations can be run smoother.

It handles operations like; 

  • Legal Workflows
  • Vendor Management
  • Sales Approval
  • Customer Refund
  • Support Requests

With these powerful services and functionality, it is considered to be the top-notch Zendesk Alternatives, why?

Let’s understand its features:

✔️ Direct Microsoft Teams Integration

✔️ Multiple Integration

✔️ Dynamic SLAs

✔️ Advanced Organization-Wide Analytics

✔️ Unlimited Requests, Tickets, and Issues

👉🏻 Suitable for any business

Component 9 tick icon
Suitable for any business
Component 9 tick icon
Easy Integration  and Third-Party Connection
Component 9 tick icon
Industry-wise solution
Component 9 tick icon
Slack Focused Ticketing System
Component 9 tick icon
Limitations in the online community
Component 9 tick icon
No Mobile Apps

Jetdocs Pricing

Screely 1691649402859

Pricing Plan
Free Plan (Unlimited Tickets/Month, 2 Templates & 10 Users)
Pro Plan Starts at $200/month: Unlimited everything except users which is discussed with the sales team)

Ratings of Jetdocs (G2 Platform): 4.6/5⭐️

Screely 1691649493525

Zoho Desk

Screely 1683626251229

Zoho Desk, another Zendesk alternative, is a customer service software that stands out among the best Zendesk alternatives and competitors.

It is one of the scalable options that help in bringing the escalation in the company. Zoho is a big name in the customer support industry serving a wide range of businesses and companies.

Let’s understand its unique features and functionality that will help to grow the business.

✔️Ticket Management

✔️Multi-channel Support

✔️Automated Workflows

✔️SLA Management

✔️Customizable Help Center

✔️Multi-lingual Support

✔️Team Collaboration

✔️Performance Analytics

✔️Customer Satisfaction Surveys

✔️Mobile App Support

👉🏻 Suitable for Enterprise Business

Component 9 tick icon
Multiple Features and Integration
Component 9 tick icon
Easy-to-use interface for users
Component 9 tick icon
Centralised customer support solution
Component 9 tick icon
Multi-Channel Support and flexible pricing
Component 9 tick icon
Lack of instant customer support
Component 9 tick icon
The complex structure may be difficult to understand for new users
Component 9 tick icon
Limited Customization

Zoho Desk Pricing

Screely 1691658569314

Pricing Plan
Standard Plan $9.74/month
Professional Plan $17.05/month
Enterprise Plan $29.23/month

Ratings of Zoho Desk (G2 Platform): 4.4/5 ⭐️

Screely 1691657535334


Screely 1691657788790

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software that helps every business of various industries. It is considered to be the best Zendesk Alternatives that streamlines customer support that consists of a ticketing system, automation, a self-service portal like Knowledge Base support and powerful reporting and analytics.

Let’s understand the features of Fresh Desk;

✔️Ticket Management

✔️Multi-channel Support


✔️Self-service Portals

✔️Team Collaboration

✔️Reporting and Analytics

✔️Third-party Integrations

✔️Mobile Apps

👉🏻 Suitable for every business type

Component 9 tick icon
Wide range of features and functionalities
Component 9 tick icon
User-friendly interface
Component 9 tick icon
Effective automation customer support
Component 9 tick icon
Limited Customisation
Component 9 tick icon
No forms for service requests (from customers)
Component 9 tick icon
Paid themes are high in prices

 Freshdesk Pricing

Screely 1691658668542

Pricing Plan
Free Plan $0/month
Growth Plan $12.7/month
Pro Plan $43.83/month
Enterprise Plan $69.5/month

Ratings of Freshdesk (G2 Platform): 4.4/5 ⭐️

Screely 1691658818552

Help Scout

Screely 1691673889683

Helpscout is premium customer support software that is perfect for Zendesk Alternatives.

The most powerful features of Helpscout are Knowledge Base and Customer Management Tools.

Let’s understand the features of Helpscout;

✔️Email Management

✔️Live Chat

✔️Knowledge Base

✔️Customer Management

✔️Team Collaboration

✔️Reporting and Analytics

👉🏻 Suitable for Small Businesses and Startups

Component 9 tick icon
Easy-to-use interface, simple and intuitive
Component 9 tick icon
Customizable support platform
Component 9 tick icon
Suitable for small businesses and startups due to affordable pricing
Component 9 tick icon
Team collaboration as well as customer queries
Component 9 tick icon
It has limited reporting options
Component 9 tick icon
Helpscout has no mobile application
Component 9 tick icon
It has an IP Restriction

 Help Scout Pricing

Screely 1691663442470

Pricing Plan
Standard Plan $20/month
Plus Plan $40/month
Pro Plan $65/month

Ratings of Help Scout (G2 Platform): 4.4/5 ⭐️

Screely 1691663553543


Screely 1691673801790

The powerful AI-Powered Customer Service Solution-Intercom. Considering customers from multiple channels can be managed under one roof. Intercom is a powerful Zendesk Alternative.

The intercom helps to provide unified support to customers. Automation and integration is one of the finest features of the Intercom.

Let’s understand the features of the Intercom;

✔️Website Chat

✔️Shared Inbox and Email Management


✔️Team Collaboration

✔️Reporting and Analytics

✔️Third-Party Integrations

👉🏻 Suitable for Enterprise Businesses and Startups

Component 9 tick icon
It has powerful AI Features
Component 9 tick icon
Streamlined inbox for customer queries
Component 9 tick icon
Effective marketing channel
Component 9 tick icon
Multi-Channel messaging segmentation
Component 9 tick icon
So many hidden charges, and has uneven pricing
Component 9 tick icon
It has limited customisation and sometimes it is rigid
Component 9 tick icon
With very high pricing, it is not suitable for SMBs

Intercom Pricing

Screely 1691665325698

Pricing Plan
Starter Plan $74/month
Pro Plan Custom Pricing
Premium Plan Custom Pricing

Ratings of Intercom (G2 Platform): 4.5/5 ⭐️

Screely 1691665408120

Hubspot Service Hub

Screely 1683625964097

HubSpot is a software company that provides a suite of tools for marketing, sales, and customer service.

Perfect Zendesk Alternatives, Hubspot, is helping in various operations such as lead management, email marketing, social media management and more.

It helps businesses of all sizes. It helps to attract, engage, and delight customers.

Let’s know and understand more about Hubspot by its features;

✔️ Marketing Automation

✔️Lead Management

✔️Email Marketing

✔️Social Media Management

✔️Sales Automation

✔️Customer Support Tools

✔️Integrations with Third-Party Apps

👉🏻 Suitable for all Business

Component 9 tick icon
Suitable for all business
Component 9 tick icon
Teamwork efficiency can be managed with Hubspot
Component 9 tick icon
Sales and Marketing specialisation
Component 9 tick icon
All-in-one platform for managing the whole business
Component 9 tick icon
Slow lead Synch, it is delayed sometimes
Component 9 tick icon
The personalisation template does not work sometimes
Component 9 tick icon
No A/B testing in lower plans

Hubspot Pricing

Screely 1691666256952

Pricing Plan 
Professional Plan $800/month
Enterprise Plan $3,600/month

Ratings of Hubspot (G2 Platform): 4.4/5 ⭐️

Screely 1691666430609

Re: amaze


Reamaze is a customer support software that helps businesses deliver excellent customer service and also helps in streamlining better conversations with customers.

It is known for its highly customized functionality for users including all the features that every helpdesk platform provides.

Let’s understand some features of Re: Amaze; 

✔️Shared Inbox

✔️Live Chat

✔️Push Campaigns

✔️Multiple Integrations (third-party tool)

👉🏻 Suitable For All Business

Component 9 tick icon
Multiple channel support and integration
Component 9 tick icon
Centralised  and Unified  Customer Support
Component 9 tick icon
Lower Price in front of features that are provided
Component 9 tick icon
Lesser downtime compared to other platforms
Component 9 tick icon
Fewer Integration compared to other platforms
Component 9 tick icon
Limited Customization
Component 9 tick icon
Difficult Settings navigation

Re: amaze Pricing

Screely 1691670800047

Pricing Plan
Free Trial 14 Days
Basic $29/month
Pro $49/month
Plus $69/month

Ratings of Re:amaze(G2 Platform): 4.6/5 ⭐️

Screely 1691670612230



Gladly, one of the Zendesk alternatives is a customer service platform that helps businesses deliver radically personal customer service.

The AI helps to track customers for better interactions and preferences. With every feature Gladly allows us to provide unique customer interaction and personalised experience.


✔️Multi-Channel Support

✔️Conversation History

✔️Knowledge Base

✔️Real-Time Reporting

✔️Reports and Dashboards

👉🏻 Suitable for all Business

Component 9 tick icon
Supports all types of business
Component 9 tick icon
Easy to use platform for any user
Component 9 tick icon
It is a platform built around people to solve their queries
Component 9 tick icon
Multiple fragmented products
Component 9 tick icon
Higher pricing for small business
Component 9 tick icon
Lesser customisation compared to others
Component 9 tick icon
Product and reporting planning is quiet not understandable

Gladly Pricing

Zendesk alternatives

Pricing Plan
Hero Plan $150/month
Super Hero Plan $180/month

Ratings of Gladly(G2 Platform): 4.7/5 ⭐️

Screely 1691668035741

An Overview of Features of Alternative to Zendesk

Ticket Management

A tool for managing customer support inquiries or tickets in one centralized location, with options to assign, prioritize, and track progress.

Multi-Channel Support

The ability to provide support to customers through various channels, such as email, phone, chat, and social media.


The ability to automate repetitive tasks, such as ticket routing and status updates, to improve efficiency and response times.

Self-Service Portals

A platform for customers to access a knowledge base, FAQs, and other resources to find answers to their questions without needing to contact support.

Knowledge Base Management

A tool for creating and managing a library of articles, guides, and other resources to help customers find solutions to common issues.

Team Collaboration

Tools for collaboration among support agents and other team members to help resolve complex issues and improve response times.

Reporting and Analytics

Insights into support performance, including metrics such as ticket volume, response times, and customer satisfaction, to help identify areas for improvement.

Customer Relationship Management

Tools for managing customer data, including contact information, support history, and other details to provide personalized support.

Integrations with Other Business Tools

The ability to connect with other business tools such as CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and project management tools to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

Conclusion: Choose the Best Alternative to Zendesk


There are so many Best Alternative to Zendesk to consider in 2024 for your business. From customer streamlining to employee management, everything can be done by saving loads of time.

Concluding the whole blog, a business that needs the basic features to manage customer support in their business is extremely suitable with Desku.


Automate Your Customer Service with Desku
Automate your customer


It is much cheaper than other platforms, it is easy to use and the support that you get from their agents is on-point and very prompt.

If you are a small to medium-scale business or any business scale that needs a better customer support platform, then Desku is the one to look forward to in every way to manage the business better.

Still confused about which Help Desk to choose, then you can avail 7-Days Free Trial of Desku and know by yourself.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.